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You've Only Got One Family

Therapy can be the place to look at the things that are not working and build on the things that are working. It creates a real opportunity to look at the choices, decisions and behaviors that impact you and your relationships and led you to this point. Therapy helps you consider all of this, come up with a game plan and develop the right approach to making the changes you would like to see within yourself and your relationships.

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  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Unfulfilled Needs
  • Repeated/ Ineffective Fights
  • Sexual problems & Affairs
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction
  • In-Law and Family Problems
  • Traumatic Past Events & Grudges
  • Lifestyle Incompatibility
  • Difficulty Expressing and Asserting Feelings and Needs
  • Anxiety, Depression, Other Emotional Conditions in One or Both Partners

All of these problems can distort couples original love and friendship and make it difficult for them to function lovingly and healthfully. Even the normal stresses of family and career can push an otherwise healthy relationship into a spiral of misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

Couples counseling provides needed communication skills training and problem-solving to help partners get back on track.  It can even heal deeper wounds and mistrust that block their capacity to love. New ways of seeing and relating to one’s partner are possible, even when a couple decides that they are committed to ending the relationship. Seeking counseling can help make the difference between adversarial divorce and respectful cooperation. This can help minimize the effects on children.

I especially enjoy the opportunities for dynamic sharing and interactions that couples counseling affords. I tend to use Relationship Enhancement in conjunction with Gottman's Relationship Model to strengthen couples communication skills, and problem-solving approaches to encourage behavioral change. We also often explore each partner’s family background to understand how their adult relationships have been influenced by the legacy of parental influences and childhood stressors.

For a brief article on couples counseling, click below. The articles suggest counseling if:

  • Your Fights are Getting Out of Control
  • You Encounter the Same Stumbling Blocks
  • You Feel You Are Drifting Apart

And it offers tips for Finding the Right Counselor.   Is Couples Therapy Right for You?

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Family: Isn't It About Time

Usually people seek out therapy when they are having a hard time managing it alone. Its one of those things that we resist, convinced that we can work it out ourselves. Most of the times we do work it out, but often we accrue baggage along the way, forming habits and patterns that over time can lead us to places of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Deciding to seek out therapy is not easy. There could be fear, apprehension, uncertainty and maybe even a little hope, that this may be the right place to help you in figuring it all out. Whether its relationship related issues, or more individual issues motivating you, therapy can help.

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