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Moving You To Better You

Many people choose individual counseling to work on their personal goals. Christine will work with you set appropriate goals for treatment and a treatment plan.   Christine is a compassionate, skilled practitioner who provides support as you make the journey toward balance and health.  She specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, and addiction (food, alcohol, shopping, sex, gambling etc.).  If you have questions about therapy/counseling or wonder if therapy is right for you, please call Christine for appointment times and questions.

Common Reasons To Seek Therapy

  • Anxiety & Panic, Depression
  • Marriage & Family Problems
  • Substance Abuse, Addiction, Alcoholism
  • Stress Management and Lifestyle Change
  • Life Transitions – Divorce, Job Loss, Illness or Injury, Loss of Loved One
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Transforming Lives, Building Independence.

Individual therapy, also known as counseling or psychotherapy, is an empowering journey of self-awareness and improvement. In confidential one-on-one sessions with your therapist you will explore the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors guiding your life.

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